Utorrent stuck at 10kb/s download

Utorrent stuck at 10kb/s

Added new torrent. after like 1 minute drops to kb/s. It gets stuck at 10kb/s and won't change even after reopening the program, a restart. the only way I have found of fixing this is to close utorrent when the speed drops to 10kb/s and reopen it, then I get full speed for another. Whatever I try to download gets stuck at KB/s and even though it says at the bottom right of the utorrent client that I've downloaded X MB of.

Usually, the speeds average at about / kb/s. Are there any .. Unfortunately I can't get a different ISP cos I'm stuck in a 2 year contract:. Hello Guys, My uTorrrent suddenly is acting with a strange behavior. Although my wifi internet speed test shows me 4mb/s and I usually get. utorrent downloads restricted to 10 Kb/s out at a high dl rate when I open the app and then eventually taper back down to 10 K/s maximum.

10kB/s downloads on all my torrents on Utorrent i've checked every . are 10kB/s and theres nothing i can do about it i'm just stuck on 10kB/s. I never get over kb/s on uTorrent. It has always done this, ever since I downloaded uTorrent. I have changed all my settings in uTorrent for.