Vechs super hostile 1.4.2 download

Vechs super hostile 1.4.2

Official downloads of the Super Hostile Minecraft map series by Vechs. Super Hostile is a collection of CTM Maps made by Vechs. In Early , Vechs created Super Hostile Online, a massive multiplayer server that regularly features new dungeons and a dynamic environment. It wasn't until The Kaizo Caverns that Vechs implemented the Victory Monument. Vechs is the creator of the Super Hostile map series. So far he has made 12 Super Hostiles, including the scrapped Black Desert II. These were Sea of Flame, Endless Deep and Infernal Sky.

Welcome to my map collection, Hazardous eventualities! These maps fall into the CTM genre, and are inspired by Vechs' Super Hostile Series. The latest Tweets from Vechs (@Vechs). Author of the Super Hostile series. Where we go one, we go all. God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love. Chronicles is a map series inspired by Vechs Super hostile. An edit coming in Beta will be removing the metal and nether blocks.

Download Zombie Arena map for Minecraft | Minecraft Forge . Vechs Super Hostile Map for Minecraft Download | Minecraft Forge. Insomniac. This is a reference to Vechs' Super Hostile series of maps. All of these are apparently triggered by "punching wood" or crafting anything.