Quake 3 arena ctf maps download

Quake 3 arena ctf maps

Nijoo CTF Base by Gazerbeam. Nijoo CTF Base Author: Gazerbeam Powerstation CTF by sst Powerstation CTF Author: sst13 · Audiorum by Martinus. (Links to all maps are included in this post). Following on from The best Q3 DM/ Tourney maps ever . thread, I thought I'd start a best ctf. Quake III Arena includes a built-in version of CTF, and this section will help teach you the basics. On most Quake III CTF maps, each team will have their own.

In Quake III Arena, the player progresses through tiers of maps, combating . Capture the Flag (CTF) – Team-based, played on symmetrical maps where teams. Quake 3 Team Arena brought certain roles into CTF, being "Ammo Regen", The original Quake 3 Arena presented the player with 5 maps; one being an. Maps (also known as levels or arenas) are the 3D spaces in which Q3 matches take place. When Quake 3 was released, id software also released the map.

11 Nov - 5 min - Uploaded by phink The Video Game Room - Quake 3 Arena Facing Worlds Map CTF Gameplay. phink A small Quake 3 Arena CTF Map. Download. 13, downloads . Remake of the famous 'Mckinley Revival' Q2 CTF map for Quake III Arena. Download.