Mozilla thunderbird profile manager download

Mozilla thunderbird profile manager

I want to just point T-bird to a different place where I have stored my backup profile files (after migration from a Win 7 older computer to new. The Profile Manager is used to create and delete profiles, and to select the profile If the Profile Manager window does not open, Thunderbird may have been. I followed the instructions in calefactoresbromic.coma to access the Thunderbird Profile Manager in Windows 7. But, I can't access the Thunderbird.

Copy the profile folder to where you want to way to do that is to type Thunderbird -profilemanager. You can also use the Profile Manager to create a profile wherever you want (but don't create it in the Thunderbird program directory) or to. Unlike Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey 1.x, a new profile folder is not automatically created when you.

Portable Thunderbird is a third party build of Mozilla Thunderbird that includes a launcher to let you store your profile on the USB drive, along. All you need to do is copy the Thunderbird user data folder over to the new computer, then run Thunderbird using the "-profilemanager" switch. Automatic creation of user profile is done by Mozilla Thunderbird at the default location when, user does not follow Profile Manager for creating Thunderbird. The Thunderbird data profile folder contains your email messages, addresses, and program settings. To move your profile data from Windows to Fedora requires.